White Gold Wedding Bands

Gold is one of the most popular metals on the market because it comes in three colors white, red and of course gold. White gold has becomes the best looking, least expensive metal that people can buy that still has a glamorous look to it.

White gold diamond encrusted wedding band

White gold is famous for wedding bands, engagements rings and other jewelry because it has a great look and does not cost an arm and a leg to buy. Gold itself can not be made into jewelry therefore it must be mixed with something else, typically this is platinum. Years ago nickel was used but since so many people have had adverse reactions to nickel it is not used with gold anymore. White gold is given in karats such as 18 karats, 14 karats and so on. White gold is sturdier and more glamorous that sterling silver and goes great with certain gems such as pink citrine and sapphire. It is the perfect metal to use when it comes to picking out wedding bands.

White gold wedding bands

In today’s economy there is not a lot of money to spend on engagement rings, wedding bands or even weddings for the matter. We have all witnessed a recession and we all see that many people are still without jobs which means people still want to get married, some just cannot afford it.

White gold is the best way to afford a great ring that will last for many years. Not only will it last however, it will stay clean and still look as beautiful 20 years from the day that your spouse puts it on your finger.

White Gold Wedding Band

White gold wedding bands are also great to sell. You can buy a whole stock of them from a whole-sale jewelry store and post them up in the internet to bring in business. Just make sure that you use a nice black velvet backdrop to bring out the brightness of the white gold leaving people memorized and wanting to buy much more.

You can makes several hundreds of dollars off of white gold because people are always looking for the better deal with the same great quality so you can afford to drop your price for these people and expand your business. Look into selling white gold bands to build a great investment and a lucrative business.

White gold women's classic wedding band

Or if you are looking for that perfect ring for your spouse try online first. Don’t buy the first once you see though, do some research about the store you are looking up. Ask around for the best online jewelry places, you are bound to find that diamond in the rough that makes the perfect ring for your spouse.


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