White Gold Saint Michael Pendants

Saint Michael pendants are often favored by those in the police enforcement professions. Saint Michael pendants are often worn as a necklace but sometimes it is possible to find other forms of jewelry, such as a pin, bracelet, or earrings. These pieces of jewelry can range in price depending on what they are made from and who the maker is. While it is a popularly sought after piece of jewelry, not every jewelry store carries this particular symbol or is familiar with it. Most jewelry stores, if asked, can try to find one or order one for a customer.

White Gold St. Michael Pendants

The story behind Saint Michael is one that has religious ties in some respects. The name Saint Michael has ties to Hebrew, literally meaning “Who is like God?” Michael was considered to be an archangel and is depicted in a number of scenes tied to the devil, often in battle or defeat of the devil. This symbol of the triumph of good over evil has appeal beyond that of just religious affiliation or the role of the police profession; many people choose to wear this symbol as a basic reminder that good can be found everywhere and can often win over evil forces. Most pendants show Saint Michael with a sword or defeating the devil, while others show him standing tall in a group of clouds holding a weapon. Many police officers and law enforcement officials wear this emblem as part of their profession and in regards to protection from harm.

Saint Michael pendants are made from a wide range of materials and in a variety of sizes and styles. Most Saint Michael pendants are made from sterling silver. It is possible to find ones created from yellow gold or a hybrid of yellow and white gold. Most are commonly inscribed “Saint Michael” and “Protect Us” on the face of the pendant. Pendants worn as a necklace are usually about the size of a coin or slightly larger. Details can vary from medallion to medallion as to what Saint Michael is depicted as or what he is doing. Depending on what the medallion or pendant is made from, highly corresponds to the price charged for it.

White Gold St. Michael Medals

Most jewelry stores are familiar with the Saint Michael emblem and carry a wide range of jewelry bearing saints. Sometimes a jewelry store will have to order pendants for a customer as most do not always have a large range of stock on hand. Prices can vary depending on the material and who made the jewelry. If planning on giving a Saint Michael pendant as a gift, one should allow for plenty of time to find the exact one that appeals to them and perhaps for it to be ordered if not regularly stocked by a retailer. In addition to jewelry stores, some religious stores carry Saint Michael pendants too. Online shopping provides a third source, and can be faster than going to some jewelry stores and ordering one; it can also be a cheaper way of getting a fine piece of jewelry as many web retailers offer discounts.


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