White Gold Anklets

White gold anklets are fast becoming a replacement for older style anklets typically made from sterling silver and white gold. White gold anklets provide a similar appearance to sterling silver anklets, but with the style and beauty of gold. These tend to be comparably priced with yellow gold. White gold sometimes can be more difficult to find versus silver or yellow gold, but is well worth the hunt for a beautiful anklet that has strength and is lasting.

White Gold Ankle Jewelry

White gold anklets can be simple in design or embedded with gemstones, semi precious stones, or crystals for an even more elaborate and dazzling appearance. Some white gold anklets are intertwined with other colors of gold, for a more detailed and dimensional look. There are white gold anklets in a simple, slender design and those that feature charms as a part of their design.

White gold anklets can be found in jewelry stores, department stores, boutiques, mall kiosks, and in specialty shops. Shopping on the internet provides the largest selection of these types of anklets, but it can take time for jewelry to be shipped and one has to be careful of the reputation of the store or jeweler from which they are purchasing, as not all are as reputable as others.

White gold anklets can be a great gift for someone or a good purchase for oneself. White gold anklets tend to be resilient and can stand up to daily wear if carefully cared for. White gold anklets look good on about any skin tone, something that is a triumph over yellow gold, which does not always look good on everyone.

White Gold Anklets

It is possible to find white gold anklets that are cheaply priced, but these tend to have a lesser gold content. Most white gold anklets range in the 10K-14K range, with some exceeding that. The higher the gold content, the softer the gold tends to be and the more easily it can be bent or snapped. If gemstones or semi precious stones are embedded as a part of the anklet, the gold should not be too soft, as prongs can easily be bent and stones can come loose. White gold anklets can be cleaned with a mixture of baking soda, water and a tooth brush under most circumstances. For the best fit, white gold anklets should not be worn too tightly. A finger or two placed between the skin and the anklet, often provides the most comfortable fit. Anklets that are too loose can be as problematic as an anklet that is too tight. Wearing an anklet that is too tight can bend or snap it.

If having trouble finding the right white gold anklet, consider a jeweler that does custom design. This can be a costly option to the offerings found in a jewelry store, yet custom made pieces can be the best expression of oneself. An in-between option would be to add a crystal charm to the anklet, if possible, to create a custom looking piece of jewelry.


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