Pandora Beads – What Makes Them So Special?

Everyone has different favorite Pandora beads for various reasons. People select shapes that mean something to them. Perhaps some animal shapes make you think of your pets or favorite zoo animals. Charms that allude to weddings – such as cakes, rings, bells, and bouquets—obviously hold a special meaning for some people. Countless other shapes have great meaning for different people, but what makes Pandora beads stand out from other brands is the quality and precision that goes into every individual bead. It is this level of intricacy plus the materials used in the beads that permit retailers to sell them at high costs sometimes. Let’s take a look at what makes Pandora beads so special.

Pandora Bead Jewelry

Pandora beads are handmade, so each one has a personality that is not quite exactly replicated in any other bead. Some convey images that are standard to everyday life, like animals, flowers, and handbags.

Pandora Jewelry Gifts

Certain events inspire the purchase of particular Pandora beads, like a baby pram, wedding cake, or numbers signifying a birthday or anniversary. Hobbies and interests lead to the purchase of beads like ballet shoes, cupcakes, soccer balls, and seashells. Then there are simply colored beads, hearts, monograms and short phrases.

Various materials go into making Pandora beads. Two standard materials are silver and gold. Silver beads can be purchased for much less than their 14K gold counterparts. The material you choose should be based on your personal preference and what your wallet will allow. Many beads with gems and birthstones are sold by Pandora. The gemmed beads are for beautification, but the birthstones hold meaning for the individual owner of the bracelet. Murano glass is another popular material for Pandora beads. These are beautiful and eye-catching, especially when intermingled on a bracelet full of other silver and gold charms. These beads may not hold any specific meaning, but they are gorgeous additions to your Pandora bracelet or necklace.

Clearly, the versatility of Pandora beads makes them appropriate for any occasion. You can wear your Pandora jewelry from day to day or only on special occasions. It is fun to build up your bracelet over time as you encounter special events in your life. Celebrate the birth of a child with a new, meaningful bead. Show your love for a best friend by splitting a “friends forever” bead. Your unique bracelet will literally be one of a kind and you can start building it today.


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