Men’s Jewelry Trends of Today

No matter what or who, the fashion industry is just as vulnerable as every other business in this down trodden economy.  Men are no exception and they want to accessorize their wardrobe with good looking jewelry.  After all a stylish man is a man who adorns himself tactfully with the trends of the day.  Gone is the tailored style from the men from the past.

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Modern men’s jewelry trends have a propensity to be sleek, modern, and designed around alternative metals that have often been found elsewhere.  These metals historically have been used in aeronautics, the car and truck industry, the technology industry, and other types of metal manufacturing industry.  These days due to the expanse of advanced technology alternative white metals are being used in the men’s jewelry trends of today, and are inspired by rock stars and athletes.

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The metals used in men’s jewelry trends of today are the alternative white metals such as carbide, platinum, stainless steel, titanium and tungsten.  These metals are also being mixed with rubber, diamonds, cable, silver and gold.  The mixture forms accents unlike other jewelry; thus developing a sophisticated, and different look.  These men’s jewelry trends of today make a great looking new look for any man.

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With these men’s jewelry trends of today makes gift giving by the girlfriend or wife an excellent bargain.  Now, besides the regular staples of watches, and cuff links we now are finding that men will where bracelets as well as necklaces and pendants.  Men seem to enjoy wearing and touting these new jewelry designs.  Many men are finding themselves adorning their attire with these great new design trends.

The metals of stainless steel, platinum and titanium seem to be the most popular metals.  Stainless steel is durable, strong, and resistant to scratches.  Stainless steel never tarnishes, and most usually non-changing.  The men’s jewelry trends of today with the metal of stainless steel make the ability to wear jewelry easily while playing sports, and very sophisticated for wearing during a black tie event.  The stainless steel jewelry is comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis.

Platinum is coming into its own category for it seems to be just as beautiful and fashionable for the men’s jewelry trends of today.  The platinum metal is being used instead of gold or silver.  Platinum makes a very lovely gift and is durable and strong as well.  The men seem to enjoy wearing all kinds of jewelry made from platinum.

Tungsten carbide has the density of platinum but the color is somewhat darker.  This dark implication provides the jewelry a rich oxidized look.  Tungsten carbide is made from a tungsten and carbon compounds, and has very nearly the same characteristics of titanium.  Tungsten carbide is also extremely; hard metal and is scratch resistant, but it can shatter because of the inelasticity of the metal.

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The last metal to be considered as part of the men’s jewelry trends of today is titanium.  This metal has been developed by utilizing the new technological changes of today.  The use of the metal titanium as a fashion jewelry statement is very new.  Titanium is the lease dense of the other metals.  The jewelry made from titanium is extremely strong and durable.  The metal has some problems.  Titanium tends to oxide similar to silver.  On the upside titanium is being used as part of men’s jewelry trends of today because of a process called anodizing.  The anodizing process allows the metal to be available in other colors.

Whatever the men want to accessorize their wardrobe, these days many options are available.  The men’s jewelry trends of today are full of new ideas and new metals.  These metals tend to be dense, strong and very durable.  The men’s jewelry trends of today have many choices.  These choices are the various new metals available and the many different types of jewelry worn.


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