Eldridge Fine Jewelry – 50 Years of Fine Jewelry

Eldridge Fine Jewelry is a retailer of fine jewelry in major cities across America. They have been in business for over fifty years and continue to offer the best jewelry along with excellent customer service.

White Gold Gemstone Jewelry

Their stores have a good offering of gold, diamonds, precious stones, watches, and designer jewelry. Their collections have always reflected the best in jewelry and current trends. They will continue to offer the best in fine designer jewelry to their customers all over the United States. Their customer interaction is old fashioned. They like to handle everything on the personal level and enjoy doing business face to face.

Eldridge Fine Jewelry

The designers carried by Eldridge Fine Jewelry include some of the most popular and sought after designers today. These include Tacori, Tag Heuer, and Kenneth Cole. Their collections include bridal jewelry and designer lines of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. They also sell fine watches. Designer jeweler pieces at Eldridge are limited every year. As new pieces come out, the old ones fade. Styles reflect both the changing tastes of customers and the creative minds of the designers. Designer jewelry at Eldridge represents the best in America and abroad.

Bridal collections at Eldridge Fine Jewelry are large. Most jewelry stores carry a large selection of engagement rings, and wedding bands for men and women. The bridal collections usually revolve around diamonds. However, sometimes engagement rings made with alternative precious gemstones appear. Sapphires are the next most common stone used after diamonds. These are more rare finds among bridal collections. Most bridal jewelry is gold, but platinum and other precious metals have become popular recently. As a result, bridal collections usually contain rings in several different metals. Titanium is another metal that is gaining popularity especially among men’s wedding bands.

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Watches at Eldridge Fine Jewelry are among the best available. These too come in many different materials. These include gold, platinum, diamonds, etc. Top watch designers like Tag Heuer, Hamilton, and Kenneth Cole offer the trendiest watches today. They are made from fine materials and represent the best in timepieces. Different brands reflect different forms of craftsmanship. Tissot, for example is expert in Swiss watches. Michele is a star at creating beautiful watches especially for women. Buying a watch from an authorized dealer will ensure that it is genuine. Unauthorized sales often result in sub standard watches or counterfeits.



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