White Gold Dangle Earrings for Wedding


Fashion and jewelry go together like peanut butter and jelly. There is much jewelry to choose from when picking out an outfit for either day or evening. In fact, people might choose to change both their clothes and their jewelry when they come home from work and go out for the evening. It is important to know and to understand that there are many different types of jewelry to wear on a daily basis. There are rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, watches, and pins. It might be the case that rings and earrings are the most popular types of jewelry. However, one thing is clear; white gold dangle earrings are cool.

White Gold Dangle Earrings

Today both men and women wear jewelry daily. Men like to wear rings, watches, and earrings. Women like to wear all types of jewelry. Women seem to have many rings and earrings in their jewelry boxes. In other words, they have a smorgasbord of jewelry in their jewelry boxes. Daytime might be the time for white gold stud earrings; however, nighttime is the right time to turn up the heat. Nighttime screams out for white gold dangle earrings. This is because they look like ice and diamonds. In fact, diamonds have been nicknamed ice. It is essential to remember that white gold dangle earrings look like ice and diamonds because they are cool. Read More »

White Gold Wedding Bands


Gold is one of the most popular metals on the market because it comes in three colors white, red and of course gold. White gold has becomes the best looking, least expensive metal that people can buy that still has a glamorous look to it.

White gold diamond encrusted wedding band

White gold is famous for wedding bands, engagements rings and other jewelry because it has a great look and does not cost an arm and a leg to buy. Read More »

Jewish Jewelry for Women


Women love receiving jewelry as a present. There are many different types of jewelry that you can buy, but when it comes to religious gifts there is plenty to choose from with Jewish jewelry for women. Buying the right jewelry can make all the difference, but sometimes the right pieces depend on the woman that you are buying for. The most common gift for any Jewish person is the Star of David, which is on many different pieces of jewelry and available in many styles of pendants, as well. This is the most purchased type of Jewish jewelry, but it certainly isn’t the only option.

Judaic Charm Gold Necklace

Think about the recipient so that you have a better idea of what you have to choose from. Usually, you won’t buy something for someone if they won’t like it or if it doesn’t suit them. Read More »

White Gold Military Pendants are Classy and Stylish Personal Embellishments


There is tremendous variety in the types of jewelry that you can purchase for yourself and for others as gifts for special occasions and holidays. Depending on your budget, you can spend a great deal of money on a high-quality metal and gems or you can go simple with jewelry made from plastic beads and inexpensive hemp rope. If you are looking for a piece of personal jewelry to make a statement with, you might consider buying or wearing white gold military pendants. If you are in the military, pendants like this can hold a particular meaning if you receive them during or after your service, or as a gift from a friend, relative, or loved one.

White Gold Military Pendant

If you want to make a stylish fashion statement, white gold military pendants can help you achieve a certain look. You can pair them with any variety of creative clothing and other accessories. Pendants can be worn as a necklace, on a jacket affixed to a pin, or even stuck on a hat. You can decide the most creative way to wear your pendant. Read More »

Turtle Jewelry


When you wear the right kind of designer turtle jewelry you can complete your look with the unique accessory. Whether it is a formal event that you have to attend, or a casual event, the accessories that you wear need to lend that much needed touch to the entire ensemble. Many celebrities, people from higher strata of society, models, fashion enthusiasts, etc. spend a great deal of their time in deciding which of their accessories look the best on them or is able to enhance their look to its extreme. And this is where the turtle designs lead the line!

Gold turtle ring

If you don’t know the knack of accessorizing then you will spend a great deal of time deciding what suits you. Take a look at the turtle jewelry pieces online to enhance your outfit and looks. Lots of women in the present times are keen to treasure some of the most exquisite and unique looking turtle jewelry. In the market there are many jewelry stores that cater exclusively to jewelry in turtle designs. Read More »

Saint Michael Pendants – What Was Saint Michael?


Unlike most of the other saints, Saint Michael is actually an archangel. He is mentioned several times throughout the bible and is considered by all three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) to be the leader of God’s army. He is the patron saint of grocers, mariners, police, sickness, and paratroopers; all of whom are perfect recipients for Saint Michael pendants. If you are looking for a unique gift for people in these professions or who may be suffering from an illness, then a Saint Michael medallion may bring them comfort. There are several prayers you can use to petition the saint based on your intentions.

St. Michael Coin Pendant

Most of the information about Saint Michael comes from supplementary apocrypha for each of the three religions. The archangel is most famous for leading God’s army against Lucifer when the angel tried to rise up against him. Read More »

White Gold Saint Michael Pendants


Saint Michael pendants are often favored by those in the police enforcement professions. Saint Michael pendants are often worn as a necklace but sometimes it is possible to find other forms of jewelry, such as a pin, bracelet, or earrings. These pieces of jewelry can range in price depending on what they are made from and who the maker is. While it is a popularly sought after piece of jewelry, not every jewelry store carries this particular symbol or is familiar with it. Most jewelry stores, if asked, can try to find one or order one for a customer.

White Gold St. Michael Pendants

The story behind Saint Michael is one that has religious ties in some respects. The name Saint Michael has ties to Hebrew, literally meaning “Who is like God?” Michael was considered to be an archangel and is depicted in a number of scenes tied to the devil, often in battle or defeat of the devil. This symbol of the triumph of good over evil has appeal beyond that of just religious affiliation or the role of the police profession; many people choose to wear this symbol as a basic reminder that good can be found everywhere and can often win over evil forces. Most pendants show Saint Michael with a sword or defeating the devil, while others show him standing tall in a group of clouds holding a weapon. Many police officers and law enforcement officials wear this emblem as part of their profession and in regards to protection from harm.

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White Gold Anklets


White gold anklets are fast becoming a replacement for older style anklets typically made from sterling silver and white gold. White gold anklets provide a similar appearance to sterling silver anklets, but with the style and beauty of gold. These tend to be comparably priced with yellow gold. White gold sometimes can be more difficult to find versus silver or yellow gold, but is well worth the hunt for a beautiful anklet that has strength and is lasting.

White Gold Ankle Jewelry

White gold anklets can be simple in design or embedded with gemstones, semi precious stones, or crystals for an even more elaborate and dazzling appearance. Some white gold anklets are intertwined with other colors of gold, for a more detailed and dimensional look. There are white gold anklets in a simple, slender design and those that feature charms as a part of their design.

White gold anklets can be found in jewelry stores, department stores, boutiques, mall kiosks, and in specialty shops. Shopping on the internet provides the largest selection of these types of anklets, but it can take time for jewelry to be shipped and one has to be careful of the reputation of the store or jeweler from which they are purchasing, as not all are as reputable as others.

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Travel to a Jewelry Show


If you love jewelry, you know how much fun it can be to check out new jewelry. There are so many jewelry brands and each has its own unique set of styles and designs that are worth exploring. You should consider traveling to a jewelry show during your next vacation. This will allow you to see some of the latest jewelry designs while relaxing and unwinding on vacation. Take a look at the following information to better prepare for this type of trip.

Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair

What happens at a jewelry show? You will have the ability to be up close to many jewelry pieces at once. No matter what types of jewelry you’re searching for, it can be easily found at a show. This can give you the opportunity to discover new brands and designers so that you can add to your collection! Whether you choose to buy more jewelry at the show is completely up to you.

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Eldridge Fine Jewelry – 50 Years of Fine Jewelry


Eldridge Fine Jewelry is a retailer of fine jewelry in major cities across America. They have been in business for over fifty years and continue to offer the best jewelry along with excellent customer service.

White Gold Gemstone Jewelry

Their stores have a good offering of gold, diamonds, precious stones, watches, and designer jewelry. Their collections have always reflected the best in jewelry and current trends. They will continue to offer the best in fine designer jewelry to their customers all over the United States. Their customer interaction is old fashioned. They like to handle everything on the personal level and enjoy doing business face to face.

Eldridge Fine Jewelry

The designers carried by Eldridge Fine Jewelry include some of the most popular and sought after designers today. These include Tacori, Tag Heuer, and Kenneth Cole. Their collections include bridal jewelry and designer lines of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. They also sell fine watches. Designer jeweler pieces at Eldridge are limited every year. As new pieces come out, the old ones fade. Styles reflect both the changing tastes of customers and the creative minds of the designers. Designer jewelry at Eldridge represents the best in America and abroad.

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